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The Cheetoh is the newest hybrid cross, utilizing the best of both the Bengal and the Ocicat breeds, eight generations or more removed from the wild, yet retaining the same beauty and exotic looks.

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Cheetoh Cats
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The Cheetoh breed, created by Carol Drymon of Windhaven Cheetohs, combines the wild beauty of the Bengal with the sweet, dependable and loving nature of the Ocicat. The result is a large beautifully spotted cat that loves to be with its humans and is gentle enough for even your little ones!

  • Cheetoh breed founded in 2004
  • Wonderful Family Companion Pets
  • Extremely Intelligent & Curious
  • Unsurpassed Gentle Character
  • Highly Sociable & Loving
  • Great With All Children
  • Larger Than Life Sized
  • Doglike Temperment
  • Playful & Energetic
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Founder of the
Cheetoh Breed

Carol Drymon has been breeding exotic cats since 1985. She created the Cheetoh breed
to add a gentle and loving nature to the exotic beauty of the hybrids.

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