Our Queens

Juliet's Dance

Color: Brown (Black) spotted charcoal tabby (clouded charcoal)

Generation: F3

Description: Juliet has a great personality. She is sweet with everybody, good with her kittens and raises wonderful babies. Because of her striking clouded charcoal coat, she tends to produce beautifully wild looking babies with very sweet temperaments.

Mountain Melody

Color: Chocolate silver spotted tabby

Generation: F2

Description: Melody is very loyal and devoted to one person. She’s definitely a lover and a great mother.

Dreaming on Clouds

Color: Black Silver spotted tabby (Black clouded silver)

Generation: Bengal

Description: Dreamer is a Bengal and is an extrodinarily good mother. She is not very big, but makes for it with her sweet personality and by taking excellent care of her babies. She has been a wonderful introduction to my program and produces clouded babies.

Moonlight Sonata

Color: Brown (Black spotted) tabby (Gold spotted and rossetted tabby)

Generation: F3

Description: Sonata is a sister to Mattis. She has a great personality and loves everybody. She’s a very good wife, makes beautiful kittens and is a good mother.

Chrystal Persuasion:

Color: Snow, sable spotted

Generation: Savannah

Description: Chrystal is an SBT Savannah. Because of this, she brings her long legs, longer neck and body to the Cheetoh breed. She also introduces the Snow gene and has produced beautiful snow babies. Chrystal loves everyone who comes in and plays with her babies. She even loves strangers, which is a rare trait among the Savannah breed. She truly is a gem!


Color: Brown spotted tabby

Generation: F2

Description: Lilu is my biggest girl. She is enormous, probably about 17 pounds. She’s a sweet girl and a great mom.

Winter's Illusion

Color: Snow, sable spotted

Generation: Savannah

Description: Winter is a beautiful snow SBT Savanah. She and her sister, Chrystal, were added to introduce the snow gene to the Cheetoh Cat. She is a good mother, very devoted to one person,, and produces beautiful and healthy babies.